Data recovery course outline.

Course Description: 

This course provides an introduction to data recovery techniques and tools. Students will learn how to identify and recover lost or corrupted data from a variety of sources, including hard drives, flash drives, and other storage media. Topics covered include data recovery principles, data recovery software, and data recovery best practices.    

Course Length: 1 weeks, 3 classes. Premium course 3000 BDT 

Course Length: 2 hours, 3 classes. Short course – 1500 BDT                    

Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy 

1. Introduction to Data Recovery:   

 a. Overview of data recovery 

b. Types of data recovery 

c. Benefits of data recovery                  

  2. Data Recovery Process:                   

 a. Identifying the cause of data loss

 b. Establishing a recovery plan 

c. Implementing the recovery plan                   

 3. Data Recovery Tools and Techniques:                 

a. Overview of data recovery tools and techniques                 

Data recovery by software is a process of restoring lost or corrupted data from a computer system. It can be done by using specialized software programs that are designed to scan the computer's hard drive and recover any lost or damaged files.   


The software can also be used to recover data from external storage devices such as USB drives and other media. Data recovery software can be used to recover data from deleted or formatted partitions, as well as from damaged or corrupted hard drives.                     

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